- Highly Recommend:

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ian Kerr. My experience throughout the entire process was great! I have been shopping around for a mortgage and we're referred to Ian by my cousin. Ian explained everything to me, so that I understood all of my available options. He was helpful and patient with me, and the best thing is, I didn't feel rushed at all. All and all he did manage to get me to sign the dotted line - there was no way that I could turn down the phenomenal rate offered. I highly recommend him to my friends and family!"  Farid, Mississauga ON - November 27, 2014

 - Great Advise and Service:

"Working in the position that I work in, confidentiality is extremely important to me. Over the past couple of years, I have been unlucky in achieving one of the basic dreams of many, which is to own a home of my own. I had tried one mortgage broker after the other and none of them were able to help me out. Now I know my situation was a bit unusual, as in my quest to try and get a home of my own at any cost did in fact end up costing me a lot more in the long run. All these different brokerages looked at my situation and swore that they could help only to come up short. They were all interested in making the commission in my opinion. Through a close friend, I was introduced to Ian. I met him thinking what can he do that the others haven’t already tried? But with an open mind, I met him and presented my situation to him. I told him I have full down payment, closing, and an excellent credit so I am not sure what the issue is. The eye opener was when he dared to say to me what all the others failed to tell me, which was for me to WAIT! I looked at him like what? And he said, I have had way too many hits with all these mortgage insurers and all these brokers in the past, who presented different information to help them get the mortgage. At this point, there is too much inconsistency in your profile with them, and that my best bet is to wait 6 months to a year and we can try again, and that I should use this time to save up as much money as I can. The bigger my down payment, the greater my chances will be considering my situation. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it was what needed to be said. My family and I are now in a townhouse of our own. A starter home none the less, it’s ours and this is all because Ian dared to tell me what others wouldn’t tell me. Thank you! All this experience showed me that everybody’ situation is different. What might work for you might not necessary be the best fit for my situation. It takes the right person to understand the situation and come up with the right solution for that particular situation and Mr. Ian Kerr did just that for me and my family with such respect and professionalism. If you are looking for someone to give you the run a rounds, then Ian is not your guy, if you’re looking for straight forward answers and advise for your mortgage situation, then He is the one to call."  Rita & Jason, Brampton ON - December 18, 2014

- Very Helpful and Informative:

"My sisters and I purchased our first home a couple years back and we didn't understand anything about the mortgage process. We recently met a broker to renew our mortgage and we were still confused. We were advised by a friend of ours to meet with Ian Kerr. Ian agreed to meet us on a Saturday, even though it was just to answer our questions. Afterwards we had a much better understanding. Ian was so knowledgeable and attentive which made my sisters and I feel comfortable. Everything went smoothly, and he found us the lowest possible interest rate. We couldn't have asked for a better experience."  Victor, Emily & Yvonne, Brampton ON - March 10, 2015